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The Right Motor for every application. "SPEED" presents an Up graded range of Standard and Special motor, for Use in Blowers, Compressors, Pumps, Machine Tools, Chemical Machinery , Textile Machinery, Plastic Machinery, Sugar Machinery, Oil Mills and other Spacial applications.   Hollow Shaft Motors Available For:

(1)    foot (B3) / flange (B5)/ face (B14) Mounted 3-phase ,TEFC, 0.125 HP to 30 HP (0.09 kw to 22 kw) in 2,4,6, and 8 poles.

(2) Foot (B3) / flange (B5) / face (B14) mounted 1 phase, TEFC & SPDP, 0.125 HP to3 HP in 2,4, and 6 poles.
All the raw matetial Used in our products are of sound quality with good testing. Low loss dynamo grade electrical silicon steel lamination, qUality grade of C.I. casting, precision anti-friction bearings,polyester based enameled wire, high qUality of Fiberglass insulating material and plated hardware have been made available for achieving the highest qUality of products. 
(3)Vibratory Equipment & Vibration Motor:

Unbalance Vibratory motor with specail tougt design is used us drive for the vibration machines
The applications are feeding, screening, discharging, converying etc. The vibration motors are available in 2800,1440.
Specification & Performance: Motors are ContinUoUsly rated for S1 duty, Suitable for 415 volt ± 6%, 50C/S ± 3%, Three phase A.C. supply with class "B" insulation , an ambient temperature of 40° C and site altitude of Upto 1000m above mean sea level. All T.E.F.C. Squirrel cage motors comply with IS:325 & dimension according to IS:1231 & IS:2223.l  

(5)Textile Motors: Loom and card mo tors of 0.55 KW to 1.5 Kw in 6 & 8 poles.

(6) Hot Air Fan stanter Motors with "F" class insl. With single speed and double speed.
Motors have IP -44 Protection as defined in IS:4691. Motors can be supplied with IP-54 and IP-55 on request.


Standard motors with Single Shaft extension are horizontal foot mounted (B3 as per IS:2253).

(7) Crane Duty Motors :30,60,100,150,300 starts / stop Per hr., 15,25,40,60,100% CDF with S2,S3 S4, S5 duty cycles.

(8) Torque Motors: 0.07kg. m to 1.5kg.m Torque with 11/2 hour safe stall time.
Pressure Die-cast Rotors:

All rotors are of high pressure alluminium Die-cast with ensUre improved reliability dUe to elimination of joint that exist in a brazed rotors.Each rotors is dynamically balanced along with the fan on electronic balanching machine to ensUre very low amplitUdes of vibration and noise level.

(9) Brake Motors : Motors fitted with AC/DC Brakes.

(10) Cooling Tower Motor: Frame size Upto 180 L in 4,6,8,10 and 12 poles.
Noise Level and Vibration:

Motors are designed for low noise level. Dynamically balanced rotors having perfect alignment and a fine control on the Uniformity of air gap minimise the vibration. Pulley, bearing seats and air gap surface are grinding resulting in vibration Free running.
  (11) Multispeed Motors: (I) Constant Torque (II) Constant H.P.

(12) Agricultural Motors With "A" class of Insulation.

(13) Tailor-made Motors to suit the Electrical and mechanical specification.